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voip 3

voip 3

Understanding VoIP and the many Advantages it Could give you

The creation of every transportation and communication devices comes with a purpose. Every device created satisfies different conditions that are needed by the consumers. Some of the conditions are speed, reliability and social impact.

As deemed by many, communication is very important to human life. In the past, communication started civilizations. Nowadays, communication strengthens relations.

It all started with a paper and a pen. Early communication device, the mail, is very effective that until now, many people still embrace the medium despite the rapid development of technology. However, the very drawback of mail is its speed. The invention of the telephone helps people communicate better and faster. Even with a distance, one party can communicate to another in real time using the telephone.

Nowadays, there are so many ways in which one can communicate to another person. There are mobile phones which one can carry anywhere but still not losing contact. Another thing is the internet where one cannot just send and receive data, as well as can communicate with video.

With the wide capability of the internet, VoIP was invented. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This was an experiment by a company in 1973. But because of its great social impact VoIP was formally introduced to the market. On that experimentation, VoIP was originally named Network Voice Protocol. Other terms for VoIP are IP Telephony, Internet Telephony, Broadband Telephony, Broadband Phone and Voice over Broadband.

Internet Protocols originally designed to carry data signals. As internet technology develops and more internet capabilities are discovered, IP made the Voice over Internet Protocol to carry voice signals.

Such creation of the VoIP created a wide array of options for the consumers. To many, having VoIP at home means great deal and big savings. Since the telephone line uses the internet to possibly connect to another party, extra cost supposedly to be paid to the local telephone provider is saved. In addition, Internet Providers will no longer charge extra payment on a monthly basis when one decides to have voice services. However, there are services that utilize VoIP that needs extra payment like the pre-assigned numbers for definite contact. These may be considered extra cost but surely not big enough as compared to a regular telephone line.

All VoIP to VoIP phone calls are free and do not collect extra call cost. However, phone calls from VoIP to Public Switched Telephone Network, a cost will be demanded from the VoIP user.

The following are the advantages of VoIP over the typical networks:

• As long as you are connected to the network, all calls will be directed to the VoIP phone. You can bring with you your VoIP phone any where in the world and can still be able to receive phone calls.
• There are phone numbers that are offered for free in countries like the UK and USA by many VoIP provider organizations.
• The speed and stability of connection of the VoIP service is incomparable.
• VoIP packages also include features that are typically found in Public Switched Telephone networks. These features are but not limited to 3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, automatic redial, teleconferencing etc.
• VoIP phones may also use other services offered in the internet. Some of the internet services that can be integrated to the VoIP phone are video conversation, messaging, file transfer etc.
• Instant Messenger can also be integrated to the VoIP service.

VoIP services have drawbacks too and because of these shortcomings, some believed that it is not yet ready to be used by many.

With VoIP, sending and receiving faxes is difficult. This is caused by networking and software incompatibility to many home devices and systems. However there are now many systems that are being developed to solve the problem with sending and receiving fax messages with VoIP service.

Since VoIP is dependent to the internet, the speed and overall quality of the phone will be greatly affected by the speed and quality of the internet connection. However, VoIP can use regular telephone lines for business utilization.

Power Outages is another shortcoming of the VoIP service. When a power outage occurs the VoIP cannot be used and you cannot make or receive a call. However there are VoIP phones that have back up batteries. There are also features in a VoIP service in which you can divert every incoming call to your land line phone or mobile phone. Although you cannot call through your VoIP phone, at least you can still receive important calls.

VoIP system keeps on developing. Year after year expect that a new VoIP service will be introduced.

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