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voip reviews

voip reviews

VoIP Reviews are Helpful in Choosing a Provider

If you're used to having a computer with an internet connection every day, it's very difficult to lose such a helpful gadget. Having an internet connection provides you greater access to certain things like online shopping, online chat-rooms, dating, e-mails, and instant messaging.

Not so long ago, another new technology was introduced into the internet world. This technology can make a great change in the telecommunications industry. But this should not be taken negatively by the industry; instead, this should serve as an avenue for them to make improvements in order to stay competitive in the world market.

Through the internet, many people are benefited; especially those people who live far apart. You can even make friends all over the world. This new technology is called voice over internet protocol or VoIP. Now, voice information is delivered effectively on the net.

Major VoIP providers like Cisco, 3Com, Netspeak, and VocalTec made efforts to promote VoIP, directory service usage, and the use of signals like touch-tone for automatic voice mail and call distribution.

If you frequently make calls, local or international, then you might consider getting a VoIP service. It can cut down the cost of your telephone bills for you to save money. What you need is broadband connection, and a VoIP service provider to start enjoying its benefits.

But in choosing a particular provider, one must gather information about the different VoIP providers available on the internet or in your locality. Major VoIP providers include:

- Vonage
- Packet8
- SunRocket
- Verizon
- Viatalk
- Lingo

There are still other providers, and with a lot of them offering their services, choosing the perfect one can be quite a difficult task. This is where VoIP reviews will come in handy. Reviews can help you see the up and down sides of a certain provider. There are reviews conducted by the provider in their websites, but it would be much better to look into independent reviews as they are not biased compared to the other one.

In looking into the reviews, you must ensure that the VoIP provider offers call quality at a reasonable price and other features as well.

Different providers also have different call quality. Since VoIP is new, it has its downside. So you should make sure that the provider can meet this standard.

Most VoIP providers have a range of price plans. Then there are also basic plans, so don't forget to look into these things before you sign-up. You will not be confused with the plans because it is somewhat similar to the plans offered in cellular phones.

VoIP provider offers added features that you're traditional phone can't give like voice mail, call forwarding, account management, and other features. Different providers have different features, and sometimes it would depend on the plan you choose.

Here are some reviews of VoIP providers:

1. ViaTalk - provides inexpensive service with dependable call quality; they offer plans like other leading VoIP providers at a cheaper price; US-based call center and very few complaints
2. Vonage - their rates are slightly higher than other providers because of their best call quality and more features
3. Packet8 - much cheaper than Vonage; you can add video on your calls; call quality is very reliable
4. SunPacket - a lot of features for a low price; can give two phone numbers for free; you can cancel your account anytime you like and they have free trial periods

VoIP is a new technology that is still undergoing improvements. And so, in choosing the right provider, you have a lot of things to consider. There is no one best VoIP provider. These companies are in the market because they have proven their competitiveness. Your job is to identify your calling needs and your budget for making/receiving calls and choose the appropriate provider that suits you best.

If you're through identifying your needs and wants in a VoIP provider, then you're ready to look into VoIP reviews on the internet; there are even websites where you can find reviews on almost every provider available. A little research can go a long way.

If you're tired with your old phone and its gigantic bills, then start using VoIP in calling your family and friends.

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