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New Baby Shopping List

New Baby Shopping List
by Kara Kelso

Being pregnate with your first child is a stressful enough time without having to worry about if you have all the items you need for when you bring that little one home. Use the following check list to put your mind at ease:

1. Crib & accessories

Cribs are an obvious item, but sometimes forgotten are the accessories that go inside it. You can easily pick up all bedding when you purchase your crib. Used items can be purchased on eBay: or new at Buddy Blankets or Zuzu's Place.

2. Clothes

Plan to have several sleepers, onsies, and regular outfits. Don't forget socks! New baby clothes can be purchased at Unique Baby Boutique, and used clothes at eBay or Carrie's Kiddie Closet.

3. Diapers

Be sure to weigh your options between cloth diapers and disposables. Cloth diapers can be purchased at Mrs. MacADoos and several other online baby stores.

4. Baby wipes

Again weigh the options between disposable and reusable. Reusable wipes can be purchased at Natural Home.

5. Baby powder

Non-talc is the best for your baby's sensitive skin. Look for non-talc baby powder at any natural baby store.

6. Diaper bag

Generally given to you at the hospital, but you may wish to have a larger one and more personalised.

7. Bottles

Even if breastfeeding, you will still want to pick up bottles and a breast pump. Breast pumps can be found at Unique Baby Boutique or at local department stores.

8. Baby Bath Tubs

Can be purchased used at eBay, or new at local department stores.

9.Bath products

Check labels and be sure to buy the most gentle soap possible to avoid skin problems. Natural soaps can be purchased at Natural Home, Baby Blossoms, A Family Affair, and other baby stores.

10. Car seat

Used car seats can be found on eBay, or new at your local department store. Make sure you buy an infant car seat first, not one designed for a toddler.

These are just basic items which are a necessity. You may also want to think about purchasing the following:

~ Stroller
~ Swing
~ Walker
~ Play Pen
~ Pacifiers
~ Toys
~ Sun screen in summer months

Most of these items can be found at Mom's Market: or on eBay .

About the Author

About the author: Kara Kelso is the owner of Mom's Market, which is an online mall where shoppers can support mothers by purchasing products and services from a mom-run business. Visit: . Kara also owns Natural Home, which offers all natural household products at affordable prices. Visit:

Written by: Kara Kelso

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