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Twelve Easy Steps to Money Saving Shopping

Twelve Easy Steps to Money Saving Shopping

TWELVE EASY STEPS To Money Saving Shopping Bill Dunigan

Learn how you can economize and start saving money now.

Be able to save on the things you really need on a daily basis.

Follow the steps laid out here and watch your savings increase.

Enjoy shopping with a new informed perspective while you save.

Most of us have, at one time or another felt the need to economize. I'm sure this statement comes as no surprise to anyone. However, we do still need to make those purchases of items that are needed on a daily basis. These include, but are not limited to, such things as: food, clothing, cosmetics, school supplies, laundry detergent, and far too many other items to list here. It always seems to be a never-ending list, which continually keeps growing and growing no matter how much we try to scale it down.

The best thing to do after reading through this article is to use it on a regular basis as a reference guide. It can help you decide where and when to look for the specific items you need to purchase. After a short while you will gain enough experience to be able to decide for yourself, just where and when you can find the best deals.

This idea for this grew from the knowledge that there are many others who, like me, have found themselves in a different income situation from time to time. At times like this it is absolutely necessary to cut back on expenses. There are times when we find ourselves out of work, or living on a fixed income, or perhaps changing to a single income. The reason isn't the important thing, how we handle it is. We must, as the expression says, take the bull by the horns. It is up to us to make those changes that will enable us to survive day to day and still have those things we really need. The interesting thing is that after learning and putting into practice the tips suggested here, they become an ongoing practice in continuing to economize even when there may not be a pressing financial need. I suppose that once you learn a good thing it sticks with you. Remember, read, learn, practice, and you will reap the benefits.

STEP # 1 Make a List

∑ This is probably the most important thing you con do to positively affect your spending. Don't underestimate the power of that list. ∑ Your list is your best friend when shopping. Never go shopping without it. This is one of the best an easiest ways to exert control over your spending habits.

∑ Remember, your best results will be when you are shopping only for those items you really need. This is how you start developing good shopping habits.

∑ Forming good shopping habits is the key to your success. With these two tools (your list and good shopping habits) you can be assured of achieving your goal.

STEP # 2 Coupons

∑ Coupons can be a wonderful opportunity to save. However if it is for a product more expensive than you normally would purchase, be sure that the price after the discount isn't higher than you would normally spend or it won't be a savings to you.

∑ Take advantage of every sale opportunity possible. Examine the fine print so you can make an informed decision. They are truly a savings only if they are for items you would normally purchase.

∑ Arm yourself with this fact; a retailer's goal is always to increase sales. Your goal is to always economize by forming good shopping habits.


∑ One of the smartest things you can do is pay attention to the prices of those items for which you would normally have a need. This way you will have something solid to base you decisions on.

∑ The whole idea is to know exactly what you purchase on a regular basis and who has those items at the lowest price. With this information you have a head start on attaining your goal.

∑ Now you can chose those stores that have more of what you need at the best prices. These re the places you will frequent when shopping. STEP # 4 GROUP ITEMS

∑ The next step towards success is to begin grouping your items together by store. Since you already know about making a list, this step should be a breeze.

∑ Now you can start saving before you even get to the stores. By just eliminating unnecessary trips to several different stores you save on your fuel expenses.

∑ Saving on expenses in any way you can contributes to the overall achievement of your goal. The less traveling around you have to do the better it is for your budget.


∑ Another easy and to economize is when there are several stores in your area that carry the articles you frequently purchase, try to stop at them during your normal driving route. This requires nothing extra from you and saves you both time and money.

∑ This is effective time management. Now you are really starting to form some good shopping habits.

∑ With the steps we have discussed thus far you have already started saving and you haven't even made a purchase yet. It's amazing how much you can save just by being organized.


∑ Now it's time to reward yourself. We all have certain items that we really don't want to change or economize on. If you have done your homework and been able to economize the way you want to, then there is no reason why you can't allow yourself that splurge. ∑ Set a goal that is realistic and when you achieve it reward yourself. No one is going to be happy and persevere at any task if they feel deprived all the time. ∑ Make your splurge something you really want. However, don't have a splurge that wipes out what you have saved.

STEP # 7 BUY AT THE END OF SEASONS ∑ When purchasing clothing, the best time to buy is at the end of the season. At the beginning of the season prices are the highest they will be on those items.

∑ If you need summer clothing, the premium time for bargains is the end of summer during August or early September at the latest. Now that you understand this fact, it only makes sense to wait until later to make those purchases.

∑ This is one of the best ways to save and still have new clothing in your wardrobe. The selection may not be as varied as in the beginning of the season, but the savings more than make the waiting worthwhile.


∑ There are many articles of clothing without a logo and they usually cost much less. Why should you pay the premium to advertise anyone's business, and not be compensated for it?

∑ Contribute to the successful achievement of your goals rather that those of the manufacturers and retailers. When you insist on those logos you are paying to be a walking billboard.

∑ Again here is an easy way to economize without any extra effort. Instead of putting that extra money in the cash register, you can put it in your pocket.


∑ These stores are probably some of the best places you can find for acquiring new items at a real bargain price. The quality may not be top of the line, but it is new merchandise not used. Remember you are economizing so be careful because they can become addictive. ∑ You will definitely find great prices here. While some of them actually sell most items for a dollar others will vary. Remember, we are trying to cut cost so don't get all hung up on top names and brands because you won't find many of them here.

∑ Frequent names used are: Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, Dollar King, Family Dollar, etc.


∑ You will defiantly find many bargains here. Remember, most of the articles are used, so look them over first. Don't be surprised when you come across name brands or new items. You never know what you'll find and sometimes it's a genuine treat.

∑ Some of the bargains you will find are clothing, household goods, furniture, luggage, shoes, etc. If you do a little research you may find one that tends to have more furniture than others or more clothing or household goods.

∑ Most areas have several of these stores. They are usually independent from each other and thus the difference in the types of merchandise.


∑ This is the place to go if it's new merchandise that you crave. The things here change with the seasons just as in the full price stores, so remember what you learned about buying at the end of seasons.

∑ Prices at these retailers will be well discounted when compared to other retailers but can never compete with the Dollar or Thrift stores. Most of them are located in large shopping areas that charge high rents, and also have a large number of employees to pay.

∑ Discount stores can represent a great savings. However, just as with the coupons, if it's an item that will cost more than what you would normally spend for it, pass it by.


∑ Here we have an abundance of wonderful merchandise. The problem is that it is the most dangerous time of year for anyone trying to economize.

∑ Keep your goals in mind and remain focused. Retailers will pull out all the stops for this season. This is when they make the majority of their annual sales. If they don't make it here they can never recoup it during the rest of the year.

∑ If you have worked hard to this point than don't go overboard and destroy what you have accomplished. You are up against the best that the marketing world has to offer during this time of year. Stick to your plan and be persistent.

∑ You don't have to pay full price in order for a gift to be a nice one. Some of the best gifts are not the most expensive. If it's not something that the person needs or appreciates than why bother. An item that is really needed, regardless of cost, is always more valued by the recipient than a more expensive one they have no use for.

∑ This is the time to put all of the other tips together. If you have learned and succeeded it will be easy and pay off. All of the money saving tips laid out here will work for you and enable you to make a dramatic difference in your shopping habits and as a result have a positive effect on your spending and thus result in real savings.


If you really put into practice all of these tips, you should see positive results right away. This isn't something you need to wait for. It starts working as soon as you start to work it. Set your goals and go for it. Everything is within your control so don't delay. Remember the old saying "time is money". That was never more true than now. It's your time and your money. You have the choice to spend it or save it. The difference now is that you have the tools to make the right choices that will ultimately result in the accomplishment of your goals. Now it really is in your hands. Good luck.

If you would be interested in developing additional income on a part time basis visit and contact me through my website:

You have permission to copy and reuse this article provided there are no changes made to the article and credit is given to the author and the link to his website remains in place. Please notify him by email if you are going to use this article. You may contact Bill Dunigan through his website:

About the author:

Most of my adult life I have been self-employed. I have never come across anything else that would allow an individual to develop a good income with little investment and not have the expenses, stress, boss, time constraints, and worries that go along with most other businesses or jobs. Who needs a job when you can work for yourself? If you are seriously interested contact me through my website at:

Written by: Bill Dunigan

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