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Cruise Critic: Your One-Stop Shop for Cruise-Related Information

Cruise Critic: Your One-Stop Shop for Cruise-Related Information

If you are a first-time cruise traveler, you need to have at least an idea of what cruising is. Your travel agent will only provide you quotes or travel brochures from different cruise lines.

What if you have questions concerning the cruise package offered? What if you want to be informed of the latest in the cruising industry? Who will be your reliable source information to answer these queries?

Bookmark now Cruise Critic and you will be receiving and learning many stuffs about cruising.

Cruise Critic is an interactive community launched in 1995. All seasoned and first-time cruise travelers can join this community in order to share experiences, conduct some research, and planning either your next or your first cruise vacation.

It is a one-stop shop with all the information you need. It includes a complete and detailed cruise vacation-planning guide such as the following:

• Latest objective cruise reviews of 225 and more ships

• Business and company profile of 55 cruise lines

• Useful information on what to do and where to go in more than 135 worldwide ports

• Ratings and reviews of cruise ships based on the reader’s perception and experience

• Different cruise package bargains, and

• Helpful cruise tips both for seasonal and first-time cruise travelers

Cruise Critic helps cruise travelers to sort out the best ship suited to their own personal interests and plan a perfect cruise vacation. They also delivers the latest news and views concerning the cruise industry.

Because of their popularity as a reliable cruise guide, they are one of the online cruise websites that receives heavy traffic with over 160,000 registered online members.

It features the following sections for easy cross-referencing of information and details needed.

• AT YOUR SERVICE section, where it tackles different issues and offer a clear and concise explanation about the policies, especially on-board rules and regulations

• BEYOND THE DECK section, which focus on answering different cruise questions straight from the cruise industry leaders. They also offer some behind-the-scene insights regarding cruise operations

• COMMUNITY section, where it features different reviews of cruise ships, cruise travel packages, and others by the members

• CRUISE BARGAINS section, where it focuses more on the latest deals offered by different cruise lines

• CRUISE NEWS section gives latest news and analysis concerning cruising. It is updated on a daily basis

• CRUISE PLANNING section, where it includes topics like latest cruising trends, different cabin packages, last-minute cruising, and others

• CRUISE SHIP REVIES AND CRUISE LINE PROFILES section. As mentioned earlier, it reveals the reviews on more than 225 operating cruise ships and the profile of the 55 cruise lines

• CRUISE STYLE sections with comprehensive reviews, humorous facts, and different ways of cruising styles including:
1. Romance
2. Family
3. Senior
4. Gay and Lesbians
5. Disabled
6. Solo
7. Luxury
8. Soft Adventure
9. Ocean Crossings
10. Holiday

• DESTINATION section, where it features comprehensive profiles of the 20 cruising regions and more than 135 ports of call worldwide

• EDITOR’S PICK section, which includes the top personal choices and recommendation and his Top Ten List

• FIND A CRUISE section, where you can choose the cruise best for your needs, whether by destination, cruise line, or price

• LINK EXCHANGE PROGRAM MESSAGE BOARDS section, where members and visitors can post all their comments, suggestions, and blogs

• TRENDWATCH section, which features different issues surrounding the cruising industry that have changed or in the process of change (like solo travel or low carbohydrate cruising)

Current Cruise Critics Prediction

Another feature that Cruise Critics offers is their prediction of the cruising industry. They are conducting it on every first quarter of the year. It also helps cruising industry leaders plan ahead. Here are some of the latest predictions of Cruise Critic for the year 2006.

• Cruising will be a perfect vacation for families because of family travel packages offered the previous years.

• Ships without comprehensive children program will have difficulty in managing hundreds of energetic children.

• Traditional swimming pool will now be out of style. The new approach is the on-board water park.

• Do not be surprise if Ronald McDonald will say hello to you on-board. Cruise lines are continuing to include favorite brand names into cruise ships and restaurants and dining facilities.

• Because of the growing amenities of cruise ships, an increase in cruise prices can be expected.

• More cruise destinations are coming up, with Cunard Lines’ Queen Mary 2 will go around-the-world sailing.

More and more things will happen every year, so always stay informed by Cruise Critic—your one stop shop for cruising information.

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