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Take a Cruise for What?

Take a Cruise for What?

Any idea of what cruise is? You might think that it refers to Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, right?

Well, you are wrong. (Is this a game show?) Seriously, cruise vacation is growing its popularity over individuals, families, or groups who want to unwind and relax in a different way.

Do you want to know more about cruise? Continue reading this article and know what it is and why you must prefer cruising on your next vacation holiday.

Cruise generally refers to sea voyages on few days or more. It is done on ships, sail and powerboats, which is ideal on trips for 3 to 4 days.

However, if the cruise will last for a week or more, and the travel will include different destinations at longer distances, powerful and strong-built cruise ships are much preferred.


The idea of cruising started after Joshua Slocum, a retired sea captain, circumnavigated the world between 1895 and 1898.

Although at that time, making trips around the world is merely impossible, Slocum rebuilt his 37-foot sloop named Spray and sailed her single-handed around the world.

Modern Equipments in Cruising

From this, techniques are developed to make cruising possible and more comfortable. Aside from the normal sailing and seamanship skills, cruisers make use of power systems inside their ship.

Electrical power is now used to keep the cruise ship systems (such as lights, communication gears, and others) running.

In addition to the power generated from the inboard engines, there are also generators, solar panels, and wind turbines for additional sources of power, especially on long cruise trips.

Even the communications on-board are now becoming common in cruise ships. Aside form the old short-wave maritime SSB radio, which has no running costs and can allow sending and receiving email messages, modern ships are now equipped with satellite telephone systems.

Reasons Why to Cruise

You have the history of cruise, and the possible amenities you can expect while you are on-board. Are you still looking for convincing reasons why cruise on your next vacation holiday?

Continue reading and see the reasons why.

Take a cruise for VALUE

A cruise package is inclusive of almost all the things you need while on-board. The cabin where you will stay, your dining needs, the entertainment on-board, and others that will make you feel just like you are just on your own home—all in the price of one.

Take a cruise for ROMANCE

If your are on cruise together with your husband or wife, you will enjoy secluded beaches on every stop over, dining on the balcony overlooking clear waters, and spa services for two. You can also have a romantic dine-in date in the main dining area every evening.

Take a cruise for CUISINE

Be ready to gain seven pounds a week with these delicious delicacies offered on-board. Dishes are served with different exotic ingredients and cooking style.

There are also the good old side food orders like pizza and ice cream and the spa cuisine for a healthy alternative. You can also dine in a small bistro or a casual eatery.

Take a cruise for VARIETY

Different options are laid before you—150 unique ships, 1800 ports-of-travel and wide array of places to visit and stuffs to do. See how many ways can you generate a perfect cruise for you.

Take a cruise for ACTIVITIES

You will be dealing with couple of activities to keep you occupied while you are on-board. There are sightseeing and sports activities, cultural presentations, educational tours led by selected historians and educators, or you can simply sprawl by the pool and relax.

The show continues at night. You can enjoy the dance revolution, musical presentations like those that you see at the Broadway, trying your luck at the gaming stations, or simply spend your evening gazing at the wide sky in the ship’s balcony.

Take a cruise for SIMPLICITY

Unlike in backpacking that you need to have that travel map in order to locate the hotels where you can possibly stay or the restaurants where you can dine, in cruising, all you need is a travel agent to handle all the details.

When you are on-board, almost all your expenses are already paid—you just need to enjoy consuming it.

Take a cruise for FAMILY

It is a family-friendly vacation. Kid-oriented activities and menus will keep your children busy and happy while you are affording some time alone.

Take a cruise for SATISFACTION

Regardless of your budget, cruise lines make sure that all packages are offering first-calls service around the clock. Satisfaction guaranteed, indeed.

Take yourself to a cruise on your next vacation holiday.

Like this article? Take a Cruise for What?
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