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Quick Guide to iPod Accessories

Quick Guide to iPod Accessories

Since iPod's initial release in 2001, manufacturers of iPod accessories has grown so big and is continuously growing that financial analysts now call the market of iPod accessories as "iPod ecosystems."

Engineers and stylist are not running out of ideas on how to accessorize an iPod from generations one to five, including the nano and shuffle lines. Even the established corporations such as the Altec Lansing and Bose joins the crowd of iPod accessories retailers. This shows how iPod has etched its name as the leading brand for digital audio player market.

But beware. There are many iPod accessories out there that are expensive but useless. So as for you to save time and energy in finding the most useful and least expensive iPod accessories, we have scouted the net and listed the five (5) topmost iPod accessories worth saving money for.


Companies such as Altec Lansing, JBL, Bose and Kessington jumped into the iPod accessories bandwagon and started manufacturing speakers that are designed to work with iPods, using the iPod's dock connectors.

Speakers come in the usual "Apple white" color, and sleek, lightweight design to complement other iPod accessories. Although these speakers are smaller in size compared to the usual speakers bundled with audio component systems, iPod speakes' sound remain crisp, there is no cracking sound, and the bass booms in that thick, pumping sound.

We rated Altec Lansing inMotion iPod speakers as No. 1, for staying cheap while remaitaining its high quality. It is priced for only $149.

Why speakers?

Although iPod does have a small, built-in speaker, it is not working to emit sounds from audio files. The small, built-in speaker's use is for warning tones only.

A separate speaker will allow you to play your favorite song outside of the earphones. The rich and crisp sound of iPod speakers are good enough to play for small parties.


Companies such as Monster Cable and Griffin Technologies introduced to the iPod accessories community the FM transmitter. With this iPod accessory, you can play not just the songs from your playlist but also music played over the radio.


These iPod accessories are designed, primarily, to protect iPods from dirt and scratches. iPod skins and iPod cases manufacturers, so as to increase sales, came up with stylish and innovative iPod skins. Known manufactureres of fashionable iPod cases are iSkin, Kate Spade, Incase, Xtreme Iconz, Chums, and Speck. offers the best iPod skins in the market at low prices. These iPod accessories are a must have for your iPods to last longer. Choose the silicone types than the leather ones since silicone skins are much cheaper than leather skins and offers better insulation from heat.


You can enjoy your iPods while running or jogging with iPod armbands.

iPod armband is one of the most innovative iPod accessories there is. It allows you to do your daily workouts while listening to your iPod Abs Workout Music. You can even do the most difficult Yoga position and still keep your iPod, playing a soothing crystal and waves sound, in place.

These iPod accessories keeps your iPod in place and screen scratch free with Screen Protector.


These iPod accessories are best for those who works as a transcriptionist, is a musician or a student reviewing for the bar exams.

Etymotic Research ER-6i sound isolating earphones offer high accuracy in emitting sound treble and bass, and keep all the noise at bay. It is lightweight and portable and comes in the usual "Apple white" color.



BMW is the first automotive company to release an iPod releated accessory for itsautomobiles. BMW introduced iPod automobile interface sometime in 2005. An iPod control was integrated into the built-in steering wheel, alongside the control and radio head buttons. The iPod unit is safely confined inside the glove compartment, and is attached to a cable harness to keep it in place everytime the car speeds up or is traversing rocky and bumpy roads.

The iPod steering wheel control allows the driver to create and shuffle five (5) "BMW playlist." The playlist is displayed through the small LCD of the vehicle's radio head.


Tired of listening to your iPod everyday? With this iPod accessory, your iPod can now listening to you.

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