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You Gotta Love iPod's Covers!

You Gotta Love iPod's Covers!

With the release of iPod in 2001, third party manufacturers of iPod covers and cases had sprouted, offering iPod covers in various colors for first to fifth generations of iPods, the iPod mini and the iPod nano, and the iPod shuffle.

iPod covers are created to protect or shelter the ultra sleek iPods from dust, dirt and scratches. Most iPod users buy iPod covers to protect the iPod skin that they have dressed on for their iPods.


iPod covers are usually made from cotton fabric. It may be stitched like a pouch bag or a slip on. Some third party manufactureres create plastic iPod covers, but this kind of iPod cover is not very popular.

Although iPod covers are not necessarily needed, most iPod users buy iPod covers to look fashionable with the colorful designs of their iPods.

iPod covers made from fabric are washable and reusable.

1. Pouch iPod covers

Pouch iPod covers are usually made from cotton fabric. The added tie (to create a pouch) serves like a lanyard so you can slip it on your wrists whenever you are in the move.

2. Slip on iPod covers

Slip on iPod covers may come with embroidery or printed image of your favorite character in a movie or a book or even of your own face.

Lucas online arts store has some sets of Star Wars slip on iPod covers with an imprint of faces of Princess Leia, Luke Sky Walker, Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi and the robots. iPod covers containing scenes or faces in movies like Pirates of the Carribean or the iconic head of Hello Kitty, are offered also in the net either as hard plastic iPod cover or fabric slip on iPod cover.

3. Innovative iPod covers

Some designers offer innovative iPod covers. Like the handmade iPod cover muffs from Australia which is made from printe polyester canvas with a matching foam and polar fleece inside to keep the iPod in place.

But the most innovated iPod covers are baby's socks. These iPod covers are very cute to look at. They are offered in bold colors that is so striking to look at. These iPod covers are made from yarn knits and are also washable.


For those who wants to look techie and very modern, the metal iPod covers fit you perfectly.

Metallic iPod covers are made of aluminum, with grade of that anodized aircraft, and have designs and sizes to fit first to fifth generations of iPod and also the mini, nano and shuffle lines.

These metallic iPod covers are lighweight, and scratch-resistant, which means your iPod unit is not only protected inside, but the protective metallic iPod cover is also protected from scratches and could last for a longer time than washable iPod covers.

A lining called Neoprene holds the iPod securely in place and likewis cushions it from sudden impact.

Metallic iPod covers have cut outs to give way for dock connector pork, headphone jacks, click wheel and the hold switch, so the iPod is fully functional even though it is encased in the metallic iPod cover.

Metallic iPod covers are priced slightly higher than the fabric iPod covers. Some says that the high price is worthy considering that metallic iPod covers could last at least 100 times compared to fabric iPod covers.


For those who wish to have an elegant cover for their iPod, they should look out for fine-grain leather iPod covers.

Leather iPod covers are offered in cool tones. They have heavy-duty stitching around the edges to ensure protection for your iPod. It comes with a detachable, rotating belt clip or lanyard.

Apple, in 2006, came up with their own line of iPod covers. Apple's iPod covers are made from italian, fine-grain leather, and are clearly aimed for the high-end market. Apple's leather iPod covers has cutout to give access to to important features of the iPod such as the ports for the dock connector and the headphones, and also the click wheel.

Leather iPod covers are costly. They are priced more than half of the price of polyester or fabric made pouch, slip on or baby socks iPod covers.

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