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First-time iPod Nano User? A Quick Guide on Cases

First-time iPod Nano User? A Quick Guide on Cases

iPod nano cases are designed to shelter iPod nanos from dust, dirt, scratches, and from getting wet from water or perspiration. iPod nano cases also protects the color screen and the click wheel. Most iPod nano cases in the market have a built in cover that you can flip up or back to cover the front screen.

--What's the best iPod Nano case for you?

If you are in the lookout for the best iPod nano case, know first what kind of iPod nano user are you and from there, you can select the best iPod nano case for you.

1. The Trendy iPod Nano User

If you like to name the colors in these manner: pink is to blush, blue is to atomic blaze, black is to sonic eclipse, and white is to arctic, then we can say, you are a trendy user.

The best iPod nano cases for Trendy users are those that are silicon based and made by iPod nano cases experts like: iSkin, Speck, and iCandy.

The silicon material of these iPod nano cases ensure that your iPod nano is free from dust and stay inside the case even if you shop your way around the mall.

Silicon iPod nano cases, even those with colors, are translucent. So, if your iPod is black, don't choose a light colored iPod nano case. Your pink case would look like as though it had been smeared with black ink.

The best thing with silicon iPod nano cases, they have this anti-slip feature and is soft and cool to the touch.

You can either have these cases with a rotating clip or a lanyard.

2. The Practical iPod Nano User

If you are the type of person who thinks shelling out $20 to $100 for an iPod nano case is utterly ridiculous, the hard plastic iPod nano cases fit you perfectly.

Priced for as low as $2, these hard plastic iPod nano cases could also protect your iPod nano from dirt and scratches. These cases could do the job of silicon iPod nano cases less the price.

Nanshield offers well designed hard plastic iPod nano cases that come in various colors, are see through also, and bundled with a plastic lanyard or rotating belt clip.

The disadvantage of owning a hard plastic iPod nano case is that, unlike silicon iPod nano cases, it does not offer the no-slip guarantee when the case gets wet or your hand perspires. These iPod nano cases are also maleable and could easily break when dropped once or a few times.

3. The Elegant iPod Nano User

If you think black and ultra white are elegant, you should find your way in e-stores where a collection of italian leather iPod nano cases are showcased.

Apple released in 2006 its own line of italian leather iPod nano cases, which were priced from $89 up. It's true that leather iPod nano cases are pricey; but, these iPod nano cases satisfy your need for a fashionable yet elegant dress for your iPod nano.

Leather iPod nano cases also come in other colors: pink, red and blue, but in hues that don't shout but merely whisper its presence with a simple, "Hello, I'm here." The texture of the leather are soft to the touch.

Leather iPod nano cases have precise and detailed cut out to make way for the iPod nano's important features such as the click wheel, jack and dock connector,

4. The Sporty iPod Nano User

You love snowboarding and swimming and you wish you could listen to your iPod nano playlist, but you know you cannot possibly do this because your precious nano will get wet.

Well, this is the iPod nano case you have been waiting for.

H2O Audio, in April 2006, answered the wishes and prayers of sporty ipod nano users by announcing the release of its Waterproof Housing or casing for iPod nano.

With this waterproof iPod nano case, users can dip their iPod nano by 10-feet without the nano getting wet. The case is thin, waterproof and has a see through exoskeleton for the click wheel.

Better save some bucks for this iPod nano case for it costs $80.

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