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iPod Repair Service Centers

iPod Repair Service Centers

If you are contemplating on putting up your own business, why not try to learn the ins and outs of iPod repair service center? If you will scout the net, you will find that very few offer iPod repair service. In fact, your State doesn't even have one.

Although Apple have some offices in some States that offer iPod repair service, third party are not discouraged to put up their own iPod repair service center.

* About the Apple iPod Repair Warranty

Apple iPod offers one year warranty for newly purchased iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video and iPod shuffle. This warranty includes replacement of the entire unit for iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video and iPod shuffle that has factory defects, iPod repair service for screen repair and circuitry repair, and refurbished unit replacement for battery repair.

When the one year warranty expires, owners of iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video and iPod shuffle may avail of the $59 battery replacement service. This is not a battery replacement service, actually. The $59 serves as your fee for receiving a refurbished iPod with a new set of lithium batteries.

If you require other iPod repair services other than battery replacement, you have to pay at the cost of almost half of the cost of a brand new iPod. For instance, if you would like your first generation iPod to be repaired at the Apple iPod repair center, the iPod repair service fee is as much as the cost of a brand new third generation iPod. So some iPod owners just buy a new one instead of having their old iPod repaired.

With this costs, this is the reason why many iPod users are looking for iPod repair service center that can do the job that Apple iPod center does, but at a cheaper cost.

* Why Not Put Up Your Own iPod Repair Service Center?

You can offer iPod repair services such as battery replacement, screen replacement or microdrive replacement.

Some online iPod repair service centers offer iPod screen repair service for just a hundred bucks for fifth generation and iPod video and fifty to seventy bucks for first to second generation monochrome iPods.

This is much cheaper compared to the $200 plus iPod repair service fee that Apple iPod center offers.

If you want to tap the repair market which still has a few competitors to spar with, you might learn the iPod repair market by studying the activities and services being offered of your future competitors.

Services that you can offer:

- screen replacement
- battery upgrades,
- audio jack repair
- hard drive or microdrives upgrades

* Online iPod Repair Centers


Techstore has opened its iPodRestore program for those those who care for their iPods more than their own mothers. With its Full-Restore plan, a box specially designed to carry your iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video or iPod shuffle will be sent to you, which you need to ship back, with your iPod unit in it, to the iPod repair center of iPodRestore.

This costs for $29, which already includes the overnight from iPodRestore to your home and then to your home back to iPodStore and from iPodstore back to your home, and an estimate of your iPod's condition.

After iPodRestore receive your iPod, a technician will call and email you within 24 hours with a repair diagnosis and service repair price. You can opt to hire them to fix your iPod or ask them to send your iPod back to you at no extra cost.

They also offer Self-Restore program if you want to do the tinkering by yourself for $10. You have to supply your own iPod repair materials for this.

- works like iPodRestore program but its approach in transporting iPods for repair differ in some ways. does not charge any fee for diagnostic testing. They will email you instructions on how to send your iPod to their iPod repair and testing center. Of course, the iPod owner bears the cost of the shipping. offers all types of iPod repair services such as battery replacement, hard drive or microdrive repair and upgrades, iPod screen repair, and earphone and jack port repair.

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